"Men join Fraternities, leaders of men join Sigma Chi."

- John Wayne, USC 1929



Dates to be announced...

We look forward to taking another pledge class in Spring of 2020.



Brothers of the Kappa Rho chapter are involved in every facet of campus life at AU. This ranges from acappella groups to student government to ROTC and to club soccer teams. Many of our brothers have internships at various organizations: nonprofits, businesses, companies, and political parties throughout DC.
The tradition of excellence within our chapter is based on a strict policy of no hazing and an unwavering amount of respect for our rushees and pledges. Joining our fraternity can enhance every aspect of your life from academics to athletics (the “cats” intramural sports teams are in the process of continuing a soccer dynasty and championship-level play in multiple sports) to community service and even your future career path.
If you’re interested in getting more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to our rush chairman, Tim Lund.